Researcher's Manual

the objectives of the Agency


  • Increase research efforts on economic and societal priorities.
  • Intensify public-private collaborations.
  • Develop international partnerships.
  • Identify, through a broad process of consultation, the themes that will make it possible to meet societal expectations, science issues (advancement of knowledge, new disciplinary fields, new tools, etc.) and technological issues.
  • Mobilize the scientific potential of universities, research centers and research units around the interests and concerns of the socio-economic sector.
  • Transforming knowledge into added value and valuing research results requires the implementation of a new orientation, involving frontally the economic sector, in order to build environments that generate wealth and jobs.
  • Promote multidisciplinarity and networking of research teams.




 University Pole Constantine 3,Ali Mendjeli, New Town,

Constantine 25000, Algeria

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