Researcher's Manual

Our departments

The Department of Programming Research Projects (DPPR):

 Is responsible for developing annual and multi-year research programs and ensuring their execution.

It is composed of the following services:

  • the service of identification of research projects
  • the service of the human scientific potential
  • the service of the follow-up of the execution of research projects.


Missions of the department:

Develop annual and multi-year programs in accordance with identified priorities and ensure their implementation.

Receipt of all research projects submitted as part of national research programs.

Human resources management within the research teams.

monitoring the implementation of scientific and technological research projects


The Department of Financing Research Projects (DFPR):

Is responsible for funding the selected research projects.

It contributes to the financing of scientific events related to the activities of the agency.

It is composed of the following services:

  • the service of conventions and contracts;
  • the research funding service
  • the service of scientific equipment.

Missions of the department:

Financing the selected research projects by means of agreements and / or contracts on program budgets.

Contribute to the material and financial support of scientific events

Management of funds allocated to approved research projects under the PNR.


The Department of Evaluation of Research Projects (DEPR):

Is responsible for the evaluation of research projects and contribute to the valorization of their results and ensure the scientific and technological watch

It is composed of the following services:

  • Evaluation Monitoring Services
  • The Identification Services of the results of projects to be valued
  • The service of innovation and science and technology watch

Missions of the department:

  • Periodic review of the progress of research projects
  • Controlling the compliance of the results with the objectives set
  • Valorisation of research results


 The Department of International Relations, Communication and Information (DRICI):

It is responsible for developing exchange and cooperation relations with any national or foreign organization operating in the same field and ensuring the publication and dissemination of the results of the research.

 It is composed of the following services:

  • International Relations and Cooperation Service;
  • The service of scientific documentation and communication;
  • The information service and scientific events

Missions of department 

  • Ensure publication and dissemination of research results and contribute to their valorization
  • Develop exchange and cooperation relationships with any national or foreign organization operating in the same field
  • Participation in the organization of the events






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