Researcher's Manual

Missions of ATRBSA


      As part of the implementation of the national policy for scientific research and technological development, the Agency is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of national research programs, belonging to a large family of disciplines. scientists, and whose implementation is entrusted to research institutions and structures.

In this capacity, she is responsible for:

  • Develop annual and multi-year programs according to priorities and ensure their implementation.
  • Launch and follow up on thematic calls for tender offered as part of its programs.
  • Financing the selected research projects by means of agreements and / or contracts on program budgets.
  • Promote and boost the mechanisms and channels of support and administrative and financial management of research projects.
  • Contribute to the material and financial support of national and international scientific events organized in the fields related to its activities.
  • To participate, in relation with the structures concerned, in the financing of the improvement and recycling actions necessary for the realization of its program.
  • Define the normative list of equipment relating to the national research programs for which it is responsible.
  • Develop relations of exchange and cooperation with any national or foreign organization, exercising in the same field.
  • Ensure publication and dissemination of research results and contribute to their valorisation.




 University Pole Constantine 3,Ali Mendjeli, New Town,

Constantine 25000, Algeria

 031 78 60 23