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Feeding of the Algerian researcher's digital platform

Urgent As part of the feeding of the digital platform of the Algerian researcher, all researchers are asked to register via the steps mentioned in the user's manual and…


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Development prospects for oasis agriculture, technologies and innovations

Monday December 21, 2020from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.GRFI webinarread more:

Official Installation of the Scientific Council of ATRBSA 2020

On October 19, 2020, the official installation of the Scientific Council of the Thematic Agency for Research in Biotechnology and Agri-Food Sciences took place, according to Executive Decree No. 19-232…

Launch of Calls for the Creation of Research Laboratories

News An extension until November 15, 2020 was announced concerning the deadlines for the submission of files for the creation of research laboratories within university establishments. From September 25, 2020…


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The growing interest worldwide in applications of biotechnology and agri-food science, including scientists, industrialists, financial institutions and public authorities indicates the emergence of a new industrial revolution.

Biotechnology is part of our daily life and promises major progress to meet the great challenges of our time. Based on innovation, it is a source of knowledge and know-how adapted to the evolution of the requirements essential to the preservation of the health of the human being and its environment.

Seven sectors are likely to constitute outlets for biotechnology: agriculture, agri-food, pollution treatment, energy, health, chemistry and mineral extraction.

Thus, the need to promote biotechnology in Algeria both in terms of scientific research and in the socio-economic sector is essential for its sustainable development.

ATRBSA is a national agency whose mission is the programming, financing, evaluation and valorization of research projects in biotechnology and agri-food sciences.

The agency's staff and I have the challenge of identifying national potentialities, bringing them together and helping them to provide concrete answers to the pressing needs of our national economy.





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