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Sunday, 15 December 2019 10:31

Caravan of training and awareness 2019

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« Sihati Fi Maïdati»

The health and safety of the Algerian consumer are at the heart of national priorities, therefore, the Thematic Research Agency in Biotechnology and Agrifood Sciences plans to launch a training and awareness caravan on safety, hygiene and food quality, under the slogan « Sihati Fi Maïdati», which is part of the MADINATI program of the Directorate General of Scientific Research and Technological Development.

This initiative is launched, in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, it is free and is dedicated to the staff of DSA, DCP, CACQE, hospital hygiene managers and quality assurance managers, socio-economic partners.

The training caravan will touch the national territory and will target, in its first edition, four sites in this case, Constantine (16-17 octobre 2019 at l’INATAA-UFMC1), Blida (28-29 octobre 2019 à l’ISTA –USDB1), Oran (6-7 novembre 2019 at the faculty SNV University of Oran)  and Tamanrasset 29-30 January 2020  at the University Center of Tamanrasset. The start of the caravan will coincide with the celebration of World Food Day, October 16.

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The Third Scientific Day of Doctoral Students 3rd JSD 2019

Under the theme

Technological Innovations for Water Protection and Health


The MAPES laboratory is organizing the third Scientific Day for PhD students scheduled for December 21, 2019. This day is intended to be a place for exchanges and debates between academic and industrial researchers on innovative practices in the treatment and protection of water and health. Centered on advances in the field of nanotechnologies and their applications, the 3rd JSD will be a working meeting involving the participation of all doctoral students as well as their supervisor (s) whose research axes are linked to the major themes of the day:

Theme 1:Innovative materials for water treatment and health

Theme 2:Innovative processes for water treatment and health

Theme 3:Biotechnology and eco-design



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