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Will be held in Constantine on 03 and 04 December 2019.

This scientific event, organized by the National Higher School of Biotechnology "Taoufik Khaznadar" in collaboration with the Thematic Agency of Research  in Biotechnology and Agrifood Sciences (ATRBSA), will allow scientists and doctoral students to:

  • Make an inventory of advances in research in the field of biotechnology in Algeria;
  • Boost scientific research by crossing and exchanging knowledge between participants;
  • Strengthen collaborations between researchers and the socio-economic sector.

For more information please see the link :SNBA 2019


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25-26 september 2019


The Household and industrial waste is currently generated in our country in astronomical quantities, this results from demographic growth and the increase in industrial activities.  The inadequate management of this waste remains a major concern given its harmful consequences for the environment and public health.

The main objective of this national event is to identify the challenges of integrated waste management and the perspectives favoring an ecological attitude, based on the protection of the living environment and the economical use of natural resources essential for sustainable development.

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The Third Scientific Day of Doctoral Students 3rd JSD 2019

Under the theme

Technological Innovations for Water Protection and Health


The MAPES laboratory is organizing the third Scientific Day for PhD students scheduled for December 21, 2019. This day is intended to be a place for exchanges and debates between academic and industrial researchers on innovative practices in the treatment and protection of water and health. Centered on advances in the field of nanotechnologies and their applications, the 3rd JSD will be a working meeting involving the participation of all doctoral students as well as their supervisor (s) whose research axes are linked to the major themes of the day:

Theme 1:Innovative materials for water treatment and health

Theme 2:Innovative processes for water treatment and health

Theme 3:Biotechnology and eco-design



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