Workshop "New biotechnologies at the service of Medicine and precision agriculture"

Workshop Oran 2018

The Directorate General of Scientific Research and Technological Development DGRSDT, of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research MESRS, in collaboration with the Center for Innovation in Biotechnologies of Frankfurt FIZ (Germany)  organized on November 3 and 4, 2018 in Oran, a Workshop entitled: "New biotechnologies at the service of Medicine and precision agriculture". The event took place with the participation of the Research Center in Biotechnologies of Constantine CRBt, the Thematic Research Agency in Biotechnologies and Agrifood Sciences ATRBSA, the Thematic Research Agency in Health Sciences ATRSS and the Research Center in Social and Cultural Anthropology CRASC.

English workshop program

Precision medicine (NGS, bioinformatics)
- Implementation of a workflow (work plan) of precision medicine for the identification of mutations that may give rise to an action in tissue biopsies of cancer patients, including pathological examination, DNA extraction and d 'RNA, preparation of a NGS library (New Generation Sequencing), data sequencing and analysis.
- Establishment of a cancer database and a rare diseases database collecting molecular and other information on patients.
- Genetic screening of patients with rare diseases.

Liquid biopsies
- Wet laboratory workflows to generate NGS (New Generation Sequencing) libraries from circulating DNA and small RNAs to identify biomarkers based on mutations, epimutations or signatures of small RNAs in the blood or urine.
- Virus detection by Nuclear Acid Amplification Technology (TAN).

Smart Farming / Agriculture precision
- Use of NGS (New Generation Sequencing) and bioinformatics methods for rapid and profitable analyzes of genes for traits of interest.
- Development of molecular markers in DNA for intelligent selection approaches.
- Installation of screening facilities for high throughput screening of plants for these markers, for example by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) or mass spectrometry.

Cooperation with the Max Planck Institute and Georg Speyer Haus
- Student exchange, multi-month training at Georg Speyer Haus and MPI.
- Joint research projects in the field of neurogenetics.

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